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01. SheraleeSOLDIER
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SOLDIER were formed by Ian Dick during 1979 in Northampton, UK. Over the next 40 years, with various line-ups, the band would tour and record, split up and reform, all the time dealing with the usual sh*t that happens in bands!

So here is a little history that tells the SOLDIER story with all its twists, turns and traumas.  

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Soldier_Family tree 2_v2.jpg
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Soldier_Family tree 4_v2.jpg
Soldier_Family tree 5.jpg
Soldier_Family tree 6_v2.jpg
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In 2019 SOLDIER ceased playing live, but there will be new SOLDIER music in the future as well as other projects featuring members of the band. You can keep up to date by checking the NEWS section on the website and our Facebook page.

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