Following the very successful release of Live Forces 2 we have been asked several times if we would release Live Rehearsal Forces on CD. So here it is! And in keeping with the original NWOBHM DIY ethos each CD is hand made by us, making it a “made to order” must-have item for die-hard fans and collectors.

The audio quality is OK but must be seen as bootleg quality. All the tracks are on our YouTube channel and can be heard here

We are using quality printable CDR’s.

Each CD is individually numbered.

The first few copies are available now on the CD page of the website.

We will be making small batches periodically and it will be a "when they're gone they're gone" situation until we make more.

The price of Live Rehearsal Forces including postage is:

UK - £8.99

EU - £11.71

ROW - £13.31

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